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Literary Criticism

About a quarter of King’s Gambit is a conventional memoir. The rest explores the chess world generally, and its convoluted underside specifically. For example, the book’s first chapter, “The Insanity Defense,” surveys how psychosis and suicide seem disproportionately associated with the game. And that’s just a primer. The more you read, the darker the tales of chess woe go. Continue reading.

Carl knows a few crucial things about himself--name, gender--but most of his past is blank. Except for vague images of parents, Carl has practically no backstory. Does he have brain damage? Maybe. Amnesia? He can’t tell for sure. Is he comatose? He recalls the train, the hooligans hassling a female passenger, paying for his accidental heroism by being beating to a pulp, the ambulance ride, a ventilator, and something about a suitcase. Continue reading.

Yahoo Voices article

Being optimistic is always a bonus. But don't fool yourself that you can be a top-notch consultant straight out of college. Sometimes you should aim not lower, but strategically. With that in mind, consider becoming an accountant. Get a truckload of experience under your accounting belt, then "go pro" and become a consultant worthy of the moniker. I did. And I saw the world on other people's dimes, and now I'm working from my apartment, clacking away on my computer, knowledge out, cash in. Continue reading. blogs

How many laws in Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power does Leslie Gelb, the former senior Pentagon official and author of Power Rules, follow or flout? Continue reading. 
I once asked a stranger at a busy café in Brussels, “What’s the one thing you could be doing right now that would inspire you more than anything in the world?” Continue reading.

In health care and medicine, mistakes are sometimes made. Unintentionally amputating the wrong foot; whoops. Erroneously injecting three times the proper dosage of penicillin; sorry about that. Incorrectly mailing Mr. Matoro a mammography appointment reminder; beg your pardon. Continue reading.

In the late nineteenth century, large-scale immigration dramatically increased the population of Buenos Aires. Most migrants were men; one figure even suggests a ratio of ten men for every woman. Continue reading.

In my twenties, I was confused with my “wings.” I was left wing on some things, right wing on others. Continue reading.

Political Activism/Satire 

The Impeachables ( was a political awareness campaign associated with the movements to impeach politicians George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, and John Howard.

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