Five poems by Lee Bob Black for Sonhos Intensivos (Intense Dreams)

On March 8th, 2008, I performed a poetry reading at Tara DePorte’s art exhibition Sonhos Intensivos (Intense Dreams) at Bar-Bar, a café in Ponta Negra, Natal, Brasil. I read:

  • Before After
  • Afraid To Remember
  • Guiltless
  • Why do some women cry after sex?
  • My Name

Before After

before enlightenment
chopping wood
carrying water
after enlightenment
sitting in cafés
drinking coffees

Afraid To Remember

Inside you, you have
all power,
all wisdom,
all compassion,
all confidence,
all worth.
Sometimes though,
you forget.
There’s nothing
wrong with
with remembering.
Who you are
can't be taken
or destroyed, only
temporarily forgotten.


If women had a peephole into men’s minds,
just for a few seconds,
they’d come for us at night,
shoot us all,
and not feel
guilty in the slightest.

Why do some women cry after sex?

is it me?
was it something I said?
didn’t say?
was it something I did?
didn’t do?

is it you?
are you hormonal?
I know you hate when I ask that,
but I
need to know.

so you’re not going to tell me why you’re crying just
moments after we had sex?

are you going to tell me why in a couple of days?
write me a letter?

My Name

My name appears on tens
of thousands
of women’s butts and breasts.
My name swiggles as they saunter.
So obliging of them to put me on show.

How many erect nipples and moist twots
are touching my name
at this moment?
Forget my name up in lights.
Place me on a staunch and cuddly woman’s body
and my life is that
closer to being complete.