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Marilyn Manson: I am the third and final beast (a poem by Lee Bob Black)


1. your United States of Exploitation


a cracked ugly mirror to eternally look into

the ashes of burned books on our hands

trapped in a sin and repent cycle

this is you,

this is me,

and this is the youth of America

your United States of Exploitation

where your martyred dollars are tissues to wipe your theatrical tears

where you kill a horse to feed your babies bubble gum

where your place of worship sells fear


our culture is drunk on the blood of our children
kids raised to be like

Martin Luther, John Lennon, and Marilyn Monroe

. . . dead
kids who grow up cynical

. . . they have more information


but! shouldn't we all just hold hands and kiss?

it's certainly the G-rated thing to do


harmony is a monkey wrench in the wheel of evolution


is adult entertainment killing our children?

or is killing children entertaining adults?

the media is our most violent creation

martyrdom a popularity contest based on



how you die and

how many people you take with you

murder sells, grief sells, but boy does Jesus Christ sell

the crucifix is the

highest grossing

piece of merchandise in history

if they could bottle tears

they’d sell it back to us

as bottled water


the spear

of destiny passed from Hitler to


America’s detonation of the


bomb was the beginning of

the end


when the time capsule is opened

they will read the dictionary

and learn our language

they will read the King James Bible

and will be inspired to commit injustice

they will read Nietzsche’s “Anti-Christ”

and it will enrage them

that they had wasted time on the other books


2. the brain matter lifts from Kennedy’s head


and tries to

fly like a bird

his assassination to us

is what Christ was to the

people of his time


the most famous murder-suicide was also the birth of the death icon


3. violence perhaps 


guns exemplify Man and

the other limb

that he wasn’t born with

that he needed to create


we cannot deny our true nature

of violence

of evolution


no, a lioness isn't "evil" because she kills to feed her young

she is what your God made her

no, when Cain bashed his brother Abel's brains in

the only motivation was his disposition to violence


no, that girl didn’t die for a Reason

she died by virtue of the rifle aimed at her head


4. unkind Man


creation and destruction

(can one create without

destroying? no)

God and Satan

(can one escape Hell by not

believing in it? no)

the animal and the machine

(can one build a guitar

or this rifle my father took from

a Viet Cong soldier

without mutilating an apple

tree? no)


if there were no God

Man would be obligated to think for himself

and would probably commit suicide

because he wouldn’t know what

to believe in

or buy

or scorn

or be at war with

or love

thus, Mankind needs a god but God does not need Mankind

that is why we are God’s worst joke

that is why nowhere in the Gospels is intelligence praised as a virtue


times are not more violent

they are just more televised

kill your TV

that warrants being repeated

kill your TV

this is what you should fear

you are what you should fear


then the witch hunt

a dupe is needed

blame entertainment?

is not religion entertainment?


Timothy McVeigh 

Billy Graham

David Koresh

Bill Clinton

and I

are to blame


because the devil we blame our atrocities on is us

because I used my Kiss lunch-box as a weapon on the playground


we sit in the shadow of death

. . . or rather the billboard that advertises it

. . . and if enough people take photos when we die, we’ll all be stars


5. the third and final beast

yes indeed

there is a thin line between psychosis and pure enlightenment

yes indeed

the mind is the greatest bomb

if you want to clone me

my foreskin

that my parents saved after my circumcision

lies like a crusty Life Saver in a plastic jar


I--the rock icon

I--the insidious and complex face of Evil


I dare to have an opinion . . .


and I am here to make each of you

who fears, doubts, laughs at, or hates me

who are quick to judge

who are too stupid to understand

suffer as much as possible


I’ve only striven to open your minds . . .

the “great” are only “great” because we are on our knees

it is time to rise

time to create

time to stop living like apes

with knuckles dragging


we are now the people our parents warned us about

we must wage a war of knowledge, art, and economics


time to riot

About this poem.

This poem is a literary mish-mash (it’s a lit-mish-lit-mash) of various articles and tidbits written by Marilyn Manson, including words from MarilynManson.com, his poem “Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes,” and his essay/article “Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?” (Rolling Stone magazine, 28 May, 1999).  All of these sources existed as of Aug 2000, when I first stated “writing” this poem. 

Lee Bob Black