Alberto Ferreras talks about overemphasizing the future, unglamorous jobs and happiness, sexy obese women, how Borges’s Aleph is Google Earth, café culture, vampires, how he was born a New Yorker even though he was born in Madrid, and his novel, B as in Beauty.

Amy Braunschweiger

Speed Up, Turn Here, Slow Down, Here’s Just Fine, I’ll Walk, Thanks: Lee Bob Black Interviews Author Amy Braunschweiger (published by The Faster Times).

Amy Braunschweiger is the author of Taxi Confidential: Life, Death and 3 a.m. Revelations in New York City Cabs (2009). In this interview, Amy discusses pothead speed demon cabbies, learning journalism by being one of the few women in a room filled with men, learning how to write a nonfiction book by accepting a book deal rather than doing an MFA, assuaging her flirtatious nature while working, renting a cubicle to get out of her apartment, erring on the side of too much information, and vomiting ideas onto the page.

Bhagavan Das

The Dharma and Cult of Bhagavan Das: Lee Bob Black Interviews Bhagavan Das.

Bhagavan Das is a performer of traditional and non-traditional Indian bhajans and kirtans, a counter-cultural icon, and a yogi who lived for many years as a wandering ascetic in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. He was a devotee of the Indian guru Neem Karoli Baba, and he is the author of It's Here Now (Are You?): A Spiritual Memoir.

The day after attending a ten-day meditation retreat, Bhagavan Das shared his views on impermanence, ānāpāna sati, wanting to be the Big Love, being the Sixties, karma, having $2000 cash in his pocket at all times, the tripless trip, guru-worship, and sex, drugs, and “real” happiness.

Big Think interviews

I edited numerous interviews for

Interviews and Copywritin...ig Think by Lee Bob Black

Edwin John Wintle is the author of Breakfast with Tiffany: An Uncle’s Memoir. In this interview, he discusses having his teenage niece live with him in New York City, being a first-time memoirist, finally being able to tap into his unconscious, whether parents should lie to their children, the integral roles that gay people play in their families, the spiritual hum of a group of writers working in a room, fighting for writer’s rights as an agent for Curtis Brown, dickey dads, Hans Blix, and exploitation.

Greg Roden

We’re All Going to be Filmmakers: Lee Bob Black Interviews Greg Roden of Food Forward TV (published by SkilledUp).

Hannah Tinti

Lies That Entertain: Lee Bob Black Interviews Author Hannah Tinti (published by The Faster Times).

Hannah Tinti is the author of the short story collection Animal Crackers and the novel The Good Thief. In this interview, she discusses approaching writing the novel as a short story writer, using her emotions and spirituality to write, the un-holiness of the Vatican, how her agent stealthily confirmed that she wasn’t crazy before representing her, and how as a writer you have to stop fighting your characters on the page and accept them as they are.

Hemayel Martina

Poet of Curaçao: Hemayel Martina interviewed by Lee Bob Black.

Hemayel Martina was the author of Worried Ancestor Rest In Peace (Ansestro Preokupá Sosegá), a poetry book about the people of Curaçao.

Jessica Greenwalt

How to Make it in Web Design: An Interview of Web Designer Jessica Greenwalt by Lee Bob Black (published by Creative Bloq).

Joanna Rakoff and Evan Dalton Rakoff

Lee Bob Black interviews Joanna Rakoff and Evan Dalton Smith (published by Canteen magazine).

Justin Taylor is the editor of The Apocalypse Reader and Come Back, Donald Barthelme. His own books include a poetry collection, More Perfect Depictions of Noise and the short story collection, Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever. He co-edits The Agriculture Reader, a limited-edition arts annual.

Max Barry

To Finish Writing A Novel, You Need To Be Delusional: Lee Bob Black Interviews Author Max Barry.

In this interview, conducted before Max Barry’s third novel Company was published in 2006, the Australian author discusses being stalked by sixty-five year old little ladies, rewriting books that have already been sold, being God’s gift to writing, his fierce love of technology (except for laptoppers in cafés), books that defy synopsis, Nike riots, losing perspective, and donuts.

Paul Sebastien

Paul Sebastien on Millennials and Corporate Microlearning (interview part 1).

Paul Sebastien on Gamification and the Future of Udemy for Business (interview part 2).

Shabnam Piryaei

An interview with the American writer of the French-language novel, Le Serpent des blés.

Toby Thompkins

What you resist will persist, unless you know it was all a myth in the first place: Lee Bob Black Interviews Author Toby Thompkins.

Toby Thompkins, author of The Real Lives Of Strong Black Women: Transcending Myths, Reclaiming Joy, sheds light on group talk therapy, transformation, how being a writer can be sexy, going beyond being just an African American writer, pineapples as power, scaring the living daylights out of white people, why people really buy books, dreadlocks, and Rolaids. Oh, and why Toby wants to put crying black men on television.

Tyrone Rock

Here I Am! Your Average Guy, Taking America! Lee Bob Black Interviews Blogger Tyrone Rock.

An interview with the political blogger, Tyrone Rock.