Following is a selection of some of my work, in no particular order.

Note: I don't list here most of my corporate work, such as my writing for telecommunications, finance, and media companies. Also, I don't list here any of the articles and books I've ghostwritten for clients. To me, confidentiality and anonymity are important. Thus, I don't publicly display most of my corporate work or any of my ghostwriting work.


I analyzed Trump By the Numbers: An Analysis of Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Website.

I analyzed LinkedIn's Influencer Program: Will LinkedIn Address the Influencer Program’s Gender Lopsidedness?

I interviewed Hemayel Martina, poet of Curaçao and author of Worried Ancestor Rest In Peace.

I interviewed Michael Otterman, author of Erasing Iraq: The Human Costs of Carnage.

The Paris Review published my interview with DW Gibson, author of The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the 21st Century.

Frontier Psychiatrist published my flash fiction, "Racquetball and Morphine."

The Next Web published my article, "What I Learned About Creativity from Pixar’s Ed Catmull," about Catmull's book, Creativity, Inc.

I interviewed Australian novelist Max Barry.

I interviewed blogger Tyrone Rock.

I interviewed poet Manal Alsheikh.

I interviewed animator and illustrator Sandhya Prabhat.

I interviewed memoirist Edwin John Wintle for Bookslut.

I reviewed Alex Garland's novel, The Coma, for Bookslut.

I reviewed Paul Hoffman's book, King's Gambit, for Bookslut.

I interviewed novelist, poet, filmmaker, and artist Shabnam Piryaei.

I interviewed yogi and musician Bhagavan Das.

I interviewed Greg Roden, showrunner and producer of Food Forward TV.

I interviewed Toby Thompkins, author of The Real Lives Of Strong Black Women.

I interviewed Alberto Ferreras, author of B as in Beauty.

I interviewed writers Joanna Rakoff and Evan Dalton Smith.

I interviewed web designer Jessica Greenwalt for Creative Bloq.

I interviewed novelist Hannah Tinti for The Faster Times.

I interviewed writer Amy Braunschweiger for The Faster Times.

I interviewed writer Justin Taylor for Tottenville Review.

Streetlight magazine published my short story, "Treeswing."

The EvoLLLution published my article, "Challenging Nine Myths about Education and Learning."

Sparksheet published my article, "Faster than a Speeding Brand: Cartoons and Company Identity."

I analyzed the lyrics of Steel Panther.

I recited some Shel Silverstein and Rumi poems.

I recited some Hafiz poems about the sun, earth, entitlement, nightmares, joy, and mind.

Values published a flash nonfiction piece of mine, "And My Dad Said Be A Role Model."

Some interviews I curated: Tishon Woolcock and Caits Meissner; Laura Hemphill and Nancy Mauro; Katherine Hill and Alissa Nutting; Elliott Holt and Marie-Helene Bertino; Edward Vilga and Sarah Herrington; Bill Peters and Nathan Larson.

Articles I wrote about embarking on a new gig you’ve never done before and building your income.

Articles I wrote about philosophy, ethics, and race.

Articles I wrote for computer analysts and software engineers.

Articles I wrote about learning a foreign language for business and entrepreneurs that speak foreign languages.

Articles I wrote about the Digital Book World Conference: lessons, opportunities, and innovations.

Articles I wrote about the Political Compass, power, and tango.

Articles I wrote about organizations empowering women in technology and business.

Lists I compiled of inspiring quotes by women and defining moments about women in business.

Show notes I wrote about the Cracked Podcast and Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show.

I interviewed Christian Rudder, author of Dataclysm: Love, Sex, Race, and Identity — What Our Online Lives Tell Us about Our Offline.

I interviewed Paul Sebastien of Udemy about corporate microlearning and gamification.

I interviewed T. M. Rives, author of Le Serpent Des Blés.

Articles I wrote about digital skills, profitable habits for freelancer, asking for a raise, and successful HR managers.

Articles I wrote about the best books about sales, movies about salespeople, and keeping your sales team happy.

Articles I wrote about sales statistics, choosing a sales CRM, sales assumptions, marketing tips , and some of the best pop culture salespeople of all time.

An article I wrote about linking job levels to compensation in technology companies.

Presentations I wrote about characteristics of excellent software engineers and becoming an excellent software engineer.